Friday Night Game

The game went pretty well tonight. We picked two seniors and both were in the band. Both also missed their kicks so as it stands right now, the girl that made the field goal during the first home game is the only one in the running for the $1000 scholarship. We are going to let two more kick during half-time at the last game of the season and if either of them make it then we will have a kick-off after the game. If neither of them kick the goal then we will go ahead and present her with the check.

I left during half-time, right after the kick and photographs. Villa Rica was getting their asses handed to them. The score was 21-6 at half-time.

Tomorrow is Pete’s birthday party, so hopefully my stores will be fully staffed. I need to get out of there by 2pm so that I can get home and get cleaned up.

Other than that it’s been a pretty uneventful day, just an extremely long one.