Wordless Wednesday Halloween Edition



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  1. Just wanted to update everyone on Dominicks case:
    After 5 months of calling anyone & everyone in Arkansas statewide The ouchita county Sheriffs office has told us repeatedly from 2 weeks after finding our baby that they have MISPLACED all Dominicks reports & files & that the case was an accidental drowning and his case has been closed! The sheriff ha been so rude to us its unbelievable! Now after 5 months we finally were able to speak to an Arkansas state police and was told that Dom’s case is still open and being investigated and that foul play cannot be ruled out! HMMM according to ouchita county its closed & was an accident.
    We as a family of Dominick do not believe his death was an accident. and we are not giving up until we can prove otherwise!
    Wedon’t care what it takes or how long it takes! we will get our baby justice!!!!!!! i will be writing more as we fnd out!!
    if anyone has any questions or comments or advise. Please let me know. my email is jnjohnson225@yahoo.com

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