Day Off…Sort Of

I am off today and tomorrow, at least half of today. Since my manager at the top of the hill is on vacation I went in this morning to take care of the end of the week paperwork and closing out my weekly payroll and sending it to the corporate office. I managed to get home early this afternoon and took a much needed nap.

I have pretty much bummed around the rest of the evening, hanging with the girls and playing with my new cell phone. Did I tell you I upgraded my phone that I just bought a couple of weeks ago? The Marine had his stolen and wanted an upgrade to the exact phone that I had been using, the Motorola Q9m, and I wanted a real Pocket PC phone rather than an MS Smartphone. I picked up the Samsung i760 last Friday, the day it was released in the stores. Here is the i760 browsing the web full screen with Opera Mini, a very cool browser.

opera mini 001



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