New Toy

Other than the fact that I picked up a new phone when the Marine wanted an upgrade for his that had been stolen, I have pretty much been using the money I have been earning online for gifts (Christmas, Birthdays, etc..) and bills.

freedomgpsI found this little Freedom Keychain GPS unit online earlier today and ordered it. I have been toying with the idea of getting GPS to go with my phone for quite some time now and it was one of the things that I was looking for in a cell phone but is not included. I will be better off with an external unit anyway that I know will work with Google Maps and I may even look at some of the other free GPS software out there as well.

My birthday is in just a few weeks so that will have to be my excuse and will be my gift from me, to me, unless of course I make a shitload of money between now and then and find something else even cooler 🙂

I should get this tomorrow or maybe Saturday if I am lucky. Not that I ever get lost but it will certainly be nice to have just in case I follow the wife’s directions going somewhere (he said as he ducked the blows…)

I still need to write a review of the new phone on my tech site, so if I ever get time for that I will post one on the GPS unit as well.