Site Searches…

I was going to post this in the Thursday Thirteen yesterday but unfortunately got called in to work prior to getting anything put up so here is some of the stuff that is being searched for. Most of the searches I am getting now are coming from Yahoo, and a few from Google. Google hates me now I do believe. The amount of traffic I am receiving from their search engine is miniscule compared to Yahoo. The thing about Google is that most of the referrals I get from them stay longer and look at more pages, which means that folks are actually reading the stuff. They stay here something like ten times longer than visitors from Yahoo. Whatever.

The keywords that Google Analytics shows me pretty much matches MT Visitor Stats, so here is the list.

1. Republican Presidential Debate and 2007 Republican Debates. The great majority of the searches are finding this. How utterly boring.

2. Cleveland Shooting and Cleveland School Shooting. I had a couple of posts up about the Cleveland school shooting shortly after it happened.

3. Chester Styles. No need to say more. I posted about this scumbag a couple of times.

4. Pornotube. I mentioned Pornotube in a couple of posts what seems like a REAL LONG time ago, but am still getting hits for it.

5. Beef Curtains. You know, until Ms. Kat mentioned beef curtains awhile back I had never heard that expression in my life. I guess I was just too sheltered or something. 40 searches for this brought people to my site over the last 30 days.

6. Photo Hunt. I participate in the Saturday Photo hunt most weeks, so it’s only natural that I would turn up in a search for that.

7. Cheap Disney Tickets. I have posted about our Disney trip on several occasions, and also done context links and reviews for sites that sell Disney tickets. I suppose that’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

8. Picture of Giant Spider Web in Texas. I do have this picture posted as well as some stuff about it, but not really a hell of a lot of content.

That’s it for searches, at least for this morning. I know it’s not 13, but this ain’t the Thursday Thirteen either.

Happy Friday…