The Effects of Getting Spanked by Google…

Updated – Just got home from several hours of meetings this evening. What an enjoyable day off 🙂

All of my sites except for this one have been dropped to PR0 now, but it’s the same for some of the bigger guys such as Techcrunch as well, so whatever Google is doing has broken some serious shit. Hopefully whatever it is will get fixed soon.


It’s interesting to see what’s happened with some of my visits since Google decided I am an asshole.


This is a screenshot from one of the counters I use. Historically, compared to Sitemeter, Google Analytics and AWStats ZExtreme only seems to record about half of my actual visits, so the numbers themselves should be doubled but it should give you an idea of what I am talking about. I suppose since I have paid links links and don’t use the nofollow tag like they think I should, I have been bumped like 50 places on any and all searches that might bring people here. Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck. The only searches they seem to let through are from and I am getting ready to block that shit.

I am torn about the whole thing anyway. Has the content gotten worse? No, not necessarily. I still post the same old crap except that I think maybe it’s improved slightly. I post more often and write longer. I am getting like ten times the amount of comments than I was prior to that, and THAT’s what blogging is all about for me anyway. The participation and communication between people.

The only part of the whole thing that sucks is that it DOES effect my income and I don’t like the fact that Google is basically telling us that the only relevant paid links or searches are those which IT performs and if all your base don’t belong to Google, then you are dogshit. So am I taking down my Google AdSense advertisements on the sidebar? Nope, they are still performing, although slowly. I am considering giving in though and adding nofollow back into all of the links that I can.

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  1. That is a tough call – I stumbled on your site through a do-follow list and I probably would not have found it otherwise. I’ve also received more comments, though my blog is new .. I have actually started receiving more traffic from the do-follow lists, and all the new comments has prompted me to visit more blogs. That is really bogus of Google … I would say I hope you stay as a do-follow, but at the same time, I understand if the do follow is affecting your cash flow …

  2. Still haven’t canged anything yet. I thought about it last night and now I just don’t think they are finished. They’ve got to be in the middle of revamping stuff. I just don’t see them dropping that many people to a 0. There are so many people out there who get compensation in one form or another for links.

  3. For those of you who feed on one sided gossip…I have only been in trouble twice in my life. The previous arrest for domestic battery was thrown out of court months ago. The comment on my myspace status was referring to a completely different person. As to the “ate up” comment….there are such things as skin conditions. I hardly have time to be ate up for any other reason when I am a mother of 6. There are 2 sides to every story and I will have my chance to talk in court. I feel sorry for you people who walk around acting like you never do or have done anything wrong, judging others. The only one who will judge me is the good lord! Why has no one asked the simple question “what started this entire thing to give this girl a reason to do all these things’? If I had put my hands on her I would gladly admit it! I have nothing to hide. I will pray for you all.
    God Bless

  4. I took a girl that I had only known a few days to the store, at which I sat in my vehicle on the phone with my husband. When I heard a commotion I looked to the left and saw this girl being chased out of the store by the manager who was yelling “let me see in your purse mam” when the girl did not the manager proceded to get my tag number in which case I got out of my vehicle phone still in hand and asked her how I was being involved when I never even exited my vehicle. I even told the girl to show her inside her purse. Somehow me and the manager got into a loud verbal arguement. When I went to leave I put my suv in drive only going a few feet before I realized she was standing in front of me so I put it in reverse and left. The girl of course jumped out later down the road and I went straight home and called 911 to report the incident and was even told by the police that I reported it before the store even did. I called the police everyday for 3 days trying to tell them what had happened (which I am sure my lawyer will be able to suppena) and they kept telling me a deputy would be out to talk to me as soon as they could. The only time they came was when they arrested me. I never put my hands on her. Even if i wanted to, which i didn’t, I couldn’t have. I have had open heart surgery and lung surgery and have a muscle disease. Sounds a bit different than what was reported doesn’t it? That is why people (not all people) deserve the benefit of the doubt

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