Vacation Coming

I have to sit down this evening an write out a vacation plan for 2008. I have the requests from two of my managers and that should be fun to deal with. Two of their vacation requests overlap each other. I asked one of them yesterday which none was more important to her since they are both going to have to adjust the dates on one each. She has reservations for Disney for the first one so the second one will have to be moved and the other lady is going to have to adjust hers.

Still don’t know when I am going to be taking mine. All six of their vacation dates are right smack in the middle of when I normally take mine, so I am going to have to take mine at some other time. I thought about taking the first one in February. If the wife’s friend in Hilton Head still has not moved by then we may go visit her. That would be pretty cool. She lives in a really nice area of Bluffton, SC. The neighborhood she lives in is huge. There is a pool, and horse stables and some really beautiful luxury homes right around there I enjoy driving around just to look at.

I am still considering taking my ten day vacation at the beginning of June. That would work out very well and if we can ditch the girls for a few days, maybe go down to the keys. It will be the off season and a bit cheaper at that time. I can deal with a bit of heat in order to save some money..