OJ Headed to Trial

I posted the other day about how gleeful I was that OJ Simpson will be headed for a jury trial. CBS news has a bit of video up about it.

One thing totally unrelated to it that I found interesting…Check out the judge right at the beginning of the video. The dude has long hair and a ponytail. It’s not that I find it distasteful or disturbing in the least. I used to have hair halfway down my back, but it was surprising to me that a judge would. I don’t know, I guess maybe I am still stuck in the conservative age or something as I get older.

I am part of the business community and I believe that as such I should look and dress like the rest of them. If/when I get to retire I am sure that I will go back to not cutting my hair again, except that this time it will have more of a Gallagher look to it…Scary thought.