Cancun Vacations

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A few years back the wife and a friend of her’s took their mothers to Mexico on vacation. They spent about a week in Cancun. I guess it was a bit more than a few years ago since she was a couple of months pregnant with our son. That would have been in 1988 I think. Had to be since he was born in ’89. Anyway, Cancun is located on the ‘Mexican Riviera’, right on the eastern portion of the country on the Caribbean. It’s a pretty beautiful area even if I have only seen it in photographs. The area stretches down the Yucatan peninsula for about 60 miles or so. It’s definitely not Cancun though. Cancun is full of high-rises and with it comes a ‘party attitude’.

The Mayan Riviera as it is known is more serene, with smaller restaurants, shops, and less of an American influence. It’s also much more laid back than Cancun is. When the wife and her mom and friend went I do know they went to Tulum, which is a really nice area, almost hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everything else.

Mexico Vacation Villas has luxury vacation villas about 15 minutes from the Cancun Airport, pretty centrally located right between Cancun and Playa del Carmen and within a short driving distance of just about anything you might want to do, that is if you want to do anything at all aside from hanging out at the beach with a drink, relaxing.

Go check out Mexican Vacation Villas where you can get a list of all the direct flights into the Cancun airport along with information on all of the activities in the area, maps of the golf courses, directions to Wal-Mart of course, recipes and useful phrases (downloadable) for things you might be looking for such as food, bathroom, etc. You will also find contact information from folks that have stayed in the Villas in the past so that you can really get a good idea of what they are like.