It wasn’t terribly busy today but I have come home particularly stressed out. Just got here a few minutes ago and I have to go back out to pick up one of my employees in about an hour and a half.

Apparently my Area People Director (recruiter/human resources) is meeting my manager in the morning to speak with her and try to talk her into staying. Hopefully he won’t succeed as I have already lost several employees and there are several more who are going to give their notice if they bring her back tomorrow. She’s already lost most of their respect as it is and has at least one or two legal investigations that are supposed to take place between now and Christmas, not to mention the fact that she needs to sign a shortage from about three weeks ago in her food as I’m not going to pay it.

Just the thought of them not letting her quit has me pissed off and my blood pressure is going up. Right now I’m listening to the girls arguing in the kitchen and it’s not helping much.

Each shift we change out the cash till for the new shift. The drawer is supposed to be taken back to the office in the company of at least one of the waitresses, that way we have a witness if the drawer is short. It only takes about ten minutes. It used to be a shorter deal but with the addition of credit cards a couple of years ago it stretched it out a bit. Still, all you do is add everything up, subtract the shift sales and that should leave you with what the till went out at. Simple, no? The only problem with it is that she won’t do that. She counts it down herself right out there on the floor without changing the drawer, leaving them short rolled change and ones, and then runs cash register shortages on the girls that might or might not have happened. They are all pretty upset about it since most of them do not normally have shortages. I found at least one in the bookwork that she had double booked, claiming that she had mistakenly taken the 1st one out, which she hadn’t, which means that somehow I have to get my boss to sign off on another shortage on her because of that. Since she double booked it that should have left her cash over by the same amount, but the money’s not there.

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a shitty day that I just want to skip out on.