Various Stuff…

When I was helping to load the truck yesterday so that the girls could go pick up the Marine I was truly amazed. No luggage. All they had packed between the three of them was a little bitty bag to take since they aren’t going to be gone long. That was pretty cool. Heck, even if I was going by myself for two days I most likely would have packed at least as much as the three of them did, of course half of it would have been gadgets 🙂

The hardest part of them being gone for two days is the fact that I have to sleep by myself for one night. I hate it when one of us has to go out of town without the other.

Completely off the subject but I am really starting to love that Roomba I ‘won’ last month. I had not really noticed until today because I normally let it vaccuum and then turn it off to take it back to the charger but when the battery starts getting low it navigates itself back and hooks up. Sweet. I ran it twice today and it managed to get back to the docking station on it’s own both times. Amazon is doing their ‘Customer Votes’ thing again this year and one of the possibilities is a Roomba for $69. Very nice. It doesn’t look as if it’s going to win but that’s only because these fools don’t know what they are missing.