Last Day For This Week…

Thank goodness. I am physically exhausted. I feel like it anyway. My last day off was the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving and this has just been one long-assed week. I wish I could say it was going to be a short day but with my weekly meetings and the fact that I have an interview and orientation session with a new girl this afternoon it looks to be about a fifteen hour day.

I am taking off tomorrow as well as at least half a day Saturday. I would have taken the entire day off but both of the other District Managers are off this weekend and we are not supposed to overlap. I am not sure if my boss just doesn’t look at the itineraries that we turn in or if he just doesn’t want to antagonize the ladies. Either way I will show up for work on Saturday and make sure everyone is staffed. I will most likely get out of there by nine or ten.

We are also participating in the Temple Christmas Parade and I think I will take the girls down to ride with me. I know they will have a pretty good time. The wife doesn’t seem to have an interest in going, so it will give her a break away from the girls anyway. She doesn’t get into the Christmas spirit very much anyway. It’s funny because I do and love it, yet I’m the one that has to work his ass off through the holidays while she’s on vacation.

Got my new idiot, er…manager yesterday. The guy just ain’t too bright but as long as he can cook and treats his employees better than the last two we will do just fine. I can be patient and teach him the rest over time. If they would just let me pick my own managers we would be so much better off but I would be hiring them out of the ranks of our hourly employees which seems to be something they are frowning on. They prefer folks with at least a four year degree and if they went to Tech, that much the better. Most of them are a bunch of damn pansies that are scared of hard work.

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