Autopsy Slated For Secret Porn Star

The search for a missing college student has turned into a homicide investigation after her body was apparently found. One thing I have noticed over the last 24 hours is that the main stream media is starting to refer to Emily Sander/Zoey Zane as an ‘Internet Porn Performer’ rather than a ‘Porn Star’ (or poan stah depending on who you are talking to Happy). That’s probably a good thing a tiny bit closer to the truth. The truth is that she had done some photographs on the Internet to make money. Nothing I would even consider porn except in the most prudish manner. Nekked pictures are nothing to get all hot and bothered over, at least in this sense.

All police are saying is that the preliminary physical description of the body found Thursday about 50 miles east of El Dorado matches that of Emily Sander who was seen leaving a bar there a week ago with a man who stayed in a hotel room where police apparently found large quantities of blood. An autopsy was scheduled for yesterday but I have as yet to hear the final results from that.

They also won’t give any details about the state of the body or how it was found. El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said that the cause of death was not yet known.

Classmates React to Murder of Zoey Zane


The case itself has drawn very wide attention after it was revealed that she appeared on several different web sites under the name Zoey Zane. Most of the pictures just show her scantily clad or fondling herself. Hell, what’s wrong with fondling yourself. If I could do it and get paid for it, I might have a new career myself, but hopefully not as a dead person.

I digress. Emily Sander’s boyfriend, who is 20, said that Sander moved in with him when she was 17. He helped her finish high school and she encouraged him in college. They broke up just two months ago after she started doing the nude photos.

Emily wanted to choreograph music videos and the Internet thing was just to gain a bit of exposure and make some extra money.

All of our condolences go out to the Sander family as they have to deal with this tragedy.

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