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No takers? Actually Elizabeth from Table4Five commented asking if I was going to tell ya’ll which one is me, but that’s about it.

I’m the goofy looking little guy 2nd from the left on the front row. Man, the sixties and seventies did nothing for us as ugly as the clothing is. The shirts aren’t too bad but those pants and dresses have got to go. Most likely half of us are wearing Garanimals, although I don’t know if they were around in 1973.

This is my last day of being 40 and I am going to spend it doing what I do every other day, working my tail off. Actually I am going to try and take it somewhat easy. I think I really must be coming down with something. I feel pretty much horrible. I am somewhat in a quandary there. The new state health codes that went into effect on December 1st say that I have to send anyone home from work with fever, runny nose, diarrhea, and various other symptoms. I makes perfectly good sense and I would normally do that anyway.

The problem is that I have a couple of the above but I damn sure am not sending myself home. Our official company line is that you don’t work sick but the facts are that as management you are expected to work regardless and if you aren’t productive on a shift you make your hours up prior to the end of the week. Although I have adjusted my hours a few times over the last couple of years I haven’t taken a sick day since 2002 or maybe early 2003 and am not about to start now.

I won’t be cooking today so there is no danger from that anyway, but it would darn sure be nice to just take a couple of days and stay in bed.

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  1. Happy Birfday, dude. You know, I’m usually all about the spankings, but for you? 41 yummy mental chocolate cupcakes. Happy Birthday, hope it’s a good one!

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