Time Off…

It has finally rolled around to where I actually get a weekend off, which is going to be very nice. My schedule for the month of December is so messed up it’s not even funny. I’m off this weekend of course and between then and the end of the month I think I am taking three days off including the 21st and 29th. I know those are the only two I managed to schedule myself off for but don’t really remember when I am off prior to that.

Either way I will get to enjoy the weekend with the kids, which will be very cool.

I also managed to get out of my weekly meeting last night. The high school local to my stores asked me if I would participate in their advisory board for stuff like DECA and FBLA. Basically the advisory board helps them out and lets the school know where to focus some of the attention on what kids need to do to join the workforce. Teaching them to add and subtract and count back change are pretty damned high on my list since 90% of the young people I hire don’t seem to have any of the skills. Of course times have changed. When I started working for my company the waiters and waitresses were not allowed to use calculators. If it was a particularly large order they could use the one in the manager’s office, otherwise if you didn’t know how to add you needed to go to work for someone else. Sounds harsh but it was effective. Now I am required to have several calculators in each of my restaurants. You can always tell if someone has been doing it for a while because they, as well as myself, can usually add up a guest check on paper faster than most people do it with the calculator and with less mistakes.

Why less mistakes? Because people that know how to add properly know how to do it and people that can’t use basic simple math that they are teaching my girls trust the calculator and don’t double check their math to make sure they have pushed the right buttons. The same thing goes for counting back change. I have more cash register shortages because people trust what the cash register says. The problem comes when they put in too much cash tendered. Knowing how to count back change solves that problem.

I spoke for a few minutes with one gentleman that knows a friend of mine that used to work with us. We talked about our mutual friend for a while. He isn’t working with us anymore, he actually went into real estate a few years back and is doing pretty well for himself.

Shortly after making it home last night one of the cooks cut his hand open and while the manager went in to the store to get him taken care of and sent to the hospital I picked up one of my other cooks and took him on into work. I had planned on writing a bit last night but since I made it home after 7pm last night I just didn’t feel like it.