December 9, 2007

Blogger Arrested After Threats to Kill Students

The title of this article at CNN pisses me off almost as much as the deed itself. Basically what happened is the Carlos Huerta, a senior at Loyola Marymount University in California for making threats at Juicy Campus, more of a message board than a blog. The message Huerta is suspected of posting was that…Read more

Is This The End of the Natalee Holloway Case?

Friday Aruba’s chief prosecutor Hans Mos said that they will most likely close the case of the missing teenager Natalee Holloway by the end of the year unless his office finds that there is enough evidence to charge someone with a major crime. Mos said that he wouldn’t comment on the type of evidence that…Read more

Shoppers return to Omaha mall

Omaha’s Westroads Mall reopened today with extra security. Westroads mall is the mall in Omaha, Nebraska where Robert Hawkins killed eight people earlier in the week before turning his gun on himself. The Von Maur store, where the killings took place, still has not reopened. There is a makeshift memorial of flowers, notes and poems…Read more