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A couple of my blogs are located at an entirely different web host than most of my sites. I decided earlier in the year when I was having so many problems here that I didn’t want to open a new web site at the same location, so I went looking for a new web hosting choice. I talked to several other people about why they choose to use their web hosts and I also looked through several different services such as Web Hosting Choice.

Right from the front page at Web Hosting Choice you can do a search based on monthly cost, setup fees, amount of disk space and bandwidth. They also have recommended hosts along with links and what is available, links to reseller web hosting, a full directory with information on the different plans that are available as well as other information.

It looks like they have quite a few web hosts listed but none of the ones that I use happen to be in the list. As the site grows and matures I am pretty sure they will continue to add to the list.

Each web host, beside the information provided above also allows for user ratings so that you can look with confidence at what people are using for their sites and what type of rating that they give their own host. That was important to me when I was searching simple because I wanted to make sure that people were happy with their web host prior to moving a couple of my domains.

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  1. Hi, nice blog πŸ™‚

    I am currently looking for a webhost, dont know yet what I choose, so thanks for the link.

    I have found a special/weird webhost ever heard of it?

    It seems reliable, I like there principals and what they say in there website, but there website is not as proffesional as others I have seen. Well they are in hosting business not webdesign so thats not a factor for me πŸ™‚

    Best regards…

  2. All I can find right now at the Orange County Clerk of Court is that he filed a written plea of Not Guilty. I do know that he’s not currently incarcerated. Hopefully the database will be updated soon. I am about 500 miles from there otherwise I would just go down there and see for myself.

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