Baby Grace Mom Charged With Murder

A couple accused of beating their toddler to death, tucking her into a plastic box and dumping it into Galveston Bay were indicted Wednesday on charges of capital murder.

Why is it that if you want to adopt a kid you have to take classes, go through background checks, and pay out craploads of money but it’s OK for pieces of shit like this to go around popping out children at will? I have this one dude that has worked for me off and on for 13 years or so, except for stints in jail. He has six children by six different mothers and he is with none of them. Maybe I should give him a box of condoms for Christmas.
Prosecutors said they have not decided whether to seek the death penalty against the girl’s mother, Kimberly Dawn Trenor and her husband, Royce Clyde Zeigler II. Personally I think they should be tucked, alive, into plastic boxes and launched into Galveston Bay with web cams that broadcast to all of the DFACS offices so that all of the other child bearing fools out there can be forced to watch what happens to child killing fools. That or maybe just take them up to about 30k feet and throw their asses out of an airplane into the bay. If they survive, then so be it. Why the taxpayers in Texas should be forced to pay for their incarceration is beyond me.
Since the initial charges were filed last month the investigation has continued and police have kept gathering evidence. Based on the evidence the grand jury was asked tp upgrade the charges to capital murder. A three hour hearing was held in which the jury heard testimony from five witnesses including police and FBI investigators and the medical examiner. The jury deliberated for three minutes before coming to their decision. Good for the grand jury. ‘Are they Guilty? Yeah, let’s go get a beer and hang their asses!’ Texas law at it’s finest. We need more of it around the country.
According to Trenor’s lawyer, Riley An Sawyer was killed by her step-father for failing to say ‘please’ and ‘yes, sir’. The lawyer also said that Zeigler was overwhelmed by his sudden fatherhood and didn’t know what to expect from a toddler. Is this supposed to be some kind of excuse? Hell, I was overwhelmed by fatherhood and had a beer (maybe two). You deal with it as it comes.
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