Tech Site

I have finally redone the templates (mostly) for my tech site at TheAppDotNet, including the mascot I won in a blog contest a couple of months ago. I still have to add back in my blogrolls and whatnot but it’s coming along very nicely.

I ended up spending the last seven hours of my only day off this week in a meeting in Anniston Alabama, which really sucked. It’s about the last thing I want to do on my day off but I didn’t feel like scheduling any of my managers off and then making them go to the meeting.

I may put up another post or two but I think I will be hitting the sack pretty soon. I am actually supposed to be doing a couple of reviews for ReviewMe but most likely am going to go past the deadline and just lose them. I hate losing money like that but have just not had the time the last couple of days and the deadline just sort of crept up on me.