Rest in Peace…Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg has passed away at the tender age of 56. He has apparently been battling Prostate Cancer since 2004 and died peacefully at his home in Maine with his wife Jean by his side. He’s not one of the huge names in rock but his music is instantly recognizable such as Leader of the Band…


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  1. ….. what a wonderful song…. and hey, I am sorry that he is gone……. but he did do his Father a great service by penning that song and recording it……..

    …. he’ll be missed….


  2. Dan Fogelberg is dead at 56

    Dan Fogelberg has died at 56 after a long battle with prostate cancer. He died at home in Maine with his wife, Jean, by his side. You may remember him as the singer who penned and performed Leader of the Band.
    h/t: Shadowscope

  3. Great Reading

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