In A Fog…

After I finally crept off the couch from my nap yesterday afternoon the wife and I picked the girls up and went to the Olive Garden for supper. It was pretty good, particularly since she had received a gift certificate for Christmas. Other than the fact that it was somewhat cold in the are we sat in it was pretty good.

I was (and still am) pretty irritable last night and I am not sure why. I’m pretty stressed out due to work right now and I suppose that is the majority of it. Christmas is always pretty hard for me to get through. Part of that is the fact that the family is getting together and the only time off I normally have is after everyone has gone home. I think that this year my brother and his family will be spending a week with us. If so that will be pretty cool. Other than this coming Friday the 30th will be my next day off and it would be nice to see everyone and spend a bit of time together.

Damn, I am groggy this morning. I knew that after that nap I took I would have a hard time getting to sleep last night, so I took a benadryl around nine or so. I finally hit the sack about ten thirty and still have that fog in my brain.

Today and tomorrow are going to be fairly long days. My company’s Christmas party is this evening, in Anniston, Alabama at around six, which puts me back home about nine PM. Tomorrow we are back to business as usual with the multi-unit manager meeting. I normally don’t finish up with that until at least nine. I’m already dreading the next two days.

Have to start getting ready for work shortly. Luckily except for the last couple of hours I won’t have to cook today. I do have a couple of interviews for hourly’s to do this morning and other than that just paperwork and some prep for Christmas. I have this one guy coming in for an interview that put his application in a couple of weeks ago. The first time he came in I could have sworn he had on golf shoes. I don’t know for sure but they certainly looked like it. No big deal except that he didn’t look like a golfer. Probably picked them up at one of the consignment stores or something.

I disabled the twitter tweets completely on this site. While I thought they were cool there were some issues with them so the simple solution was to just take them off.

Received a nice Christmas present from my friend Yabu yesterday. A CD with quite a few pictures from the Blogtoberfest earlier in the fall. There were some pictures from prior to my arrival as well as some from the party Saturday night long after I had stopped taking photographs. Hell, I don’t look as drunk as I was feeling…

Merry Christmas to you and your’s dude!