The Boy Comes Home Tomorrow…

I don’t know what crawled up my ass and died last night but boy was I in a foul mood while I sat here and type until 11:15 when I should have already been in bed. Nobody pissed me off and nothing particularly bad happened yesterday once you get past the part where I had to crawl out of bed. Just one of those things I suppose. That whole teenage pregnancy thing seems to have touched a vein. Perhaps because my eldest daughter is now ten and I am sure that it will be clobberin’ time on some teenage boys in a few years. If I start selling skin colored lampshades ala Daughmer you’ll know why…Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’

We had our company Christmas party last night. It was held at the same venue as last year, Classic on Noble in Anniston, Alabama. Dinner was nice and there were a few nice gifts and games. It’s pretty nice to see some of the folks that I don’t get to see all of the time. It ran a bit late so we didn’t make it home until around 10 PM or so. The girls were happy to be picked up and it gave me a chance to try and recruit the dad of the house for work. He’s got around 20 years of restaurant experience and in need of a decent paying job now. I am lousy at recruiting people so hopefully he’ll bite. I need to turn in my card for promotion in about three months and they have been on my ass to hire someone anyway…That would go a long way toward a bit of good will on my side.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I don’t have my normal Thursday meeting this afternoon. I wouldn’t mind getting a bit of shut-eye this afternoon since I have to leave the house around midnight and make the drive to Atlanta. Why, you ask?

The Marine is home for two weeks! His Greyhound pulls in to Atlanta at 1 AM or thereabouts and I will be waiting for him amidst the crack-heads and winos. It’s bad enough to go down to the Garnett area during the daytime, but at 1 AM. Fucking crazy…

We spoke with him the other night and he was pretty pissed off. Apparently one of the Marines had screwed something up so they canceled every liberty for EVERYONE, made them do a bunch of cleaning, and just to make sure nobody left base they were calling formation every hour on the hour until 0300. That’s fucking three o’clock in the morning for those of you not in the know.

…and this for the boy who would sleep in half the day…


2 throughts on "The Boy Comes Home Tomorrow…"

  1. I am glad your son is coming home in time for Christmas. I do not think the druggies and drunks will bother anyone in uniform.

    God bless you and your family this season.

  2. Take it easy on yourself. A pregnant 16 year old should touch everybody’s nerves. Here’s a few things I found that helped me get through my daughter’s teen years:
    1. put the head of the first boy that comes calling for your daughter on a stick in your front. This will serve as a warning for all the rest who shall follow.
    2. I found it very convenient to make sure that whenever my daughter was going on a date, I made sure that it was gun cleaning time in the house. Having a few disassembled guns lying on the kitchen table getting cleaned sure gets one’s attention.

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