There’s Right and Then There’s Not…

I had one of the guys I used to work with call me a few days ago trying to come back to work. We have a long history together. I actually worked for him for a while back in 1988. He has been in and out of our company for several years until he sued us a while back for a worker’s comp issue. I honestly don’t know if the claim was real or not but what I do know is that he settled for a couple of grand because his shoulder hurt. I have had a couple of worker’s compensation claims before, that’s what we have WC insurance for. No big deal, they take care of you and you get your self back to work. Settling for a couple of grand and being out of a career forever just doesn’t seem like a real wise move to me.

The last few years he has had some issues with diet pills along with some other stronger prescription medicines he shouldn’t be taking. They can be real helpful when used as directed but otherwise I have seen too many people abuse them.

He called me suggesting that I work him under somebody else’s social security number and that stuff just isn’t going to happen. There is no way I am going to endanger my career just so he can get a couple of weeks of work in. I don’t like very many people enough to do something like that for them.