What a Day…

The Marine just got home from the movies. He and a friend went out to the movies and dinner and are both staying here tonight, most likely to play the X-Box 360 all night. He still hasn’t gotten his mom a Christmas gift. I am starting to get really pissed off about it.

The wife drove him to Carrollton first thing this morning. He is to be working at the recruiter’s office the week after Christmas, which is how he got two weeks leave. The problem is that he forgot his service shoes, so his recruiter was supposed to meet him at the station in Carrollton at nine this morning to take him out to Dobbin’s Air Base and get a pair. Apparently the guy never showed so they will have to make the trip tomorrow or Monday. That would be fun…driving to Marietta on Christmas Eve. Not.

I just got him alone and read him the riot act about the gift though, so hopefully he will get it taken care of in the next 48 hours.

Today was pretty busy. One of my stores sits in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart so I spent the majority of the day there, other than a couple of quick trips to the other two stores and one to pick up my change order from the bank. Crap, I could have used a cart for that. $2300 in ones, fives and rolled change takes a couple of trips from the bank to the car. I probably could have carried it in one trip but had I dropped it picking up $2300 in LOOSE change would have been no fun at all.

While I work a lot during the holidays there is a bonus. All of my managers have to work as well, so they are responsible for shift change. Except for Christmas Day I won’t have to go back in at all for shift change or hassle with the employees at all, although since my phone has been ringing off the hook for the last few hours you wouldn’t know it.

Had to cover a shift for a friend of mine in another district and then I spoke for a while with one of my cooks. It was pretty depressing. His mom passed away last night and he was worried about losing his job if he wasn’t able to make it on Christmas Day. I reassured him that he would still have a job regardless of what his manager said. He may be there anyway. He is pretty dedicated and he can’t afford to miss any work. This is a terrible time of year to lose anyone though. I hate it for him and wish him the best.