Six Dead in Seattle

According to KIRO in Seattle, at least six people have died in a rural area about 21 Miles east of Seattle. The house itself is located in Carnation and is located at the end of a dirt road.

Authorities aren’t specifying how they died but they have towed a pickup truck for evidence.

According to KIRO the site of the slayings was complex and they expect to be at the scene for several hours.

I came across the story itself stopping in at CNN, where they had reported earlier that three people have died but just sent out a breaking news alert that the body count had gone up to six.

Apparently detectives were searching nearby properties in the area but would not say why. They are also looking for a suspect in particular but are not sure if that person is among the dead or not.

According to CNN the bodies were discovered at around 8 AM by someone who knows the family that lives in the isolated house. Police have stated that there are at least two adults and a child but I don’t know about the other three, and they are saying that the deaths are homicide.