Yet Another Lovely Day…

It’s been a pretty doggone long week. I have one more day of work until I get one day off. My brother and his wife are staying in town until Saturday evening so that we can hang out a bit. It’s been pretty nice seeing them this week.

They are moving back down here in a few months and that will be very cool. As far as I know they are going to be on the north side of town which means that while I may not see them on a weekly basis I will be able to get together with them more often that I get to now.

I suppose the only caveat to that is the fact that I am going to turn in my card for promotion in February. If they don’t put me on a development plan they could send me just about anywhere, including out of state. That would be a bit of a bitch now that my family is back in the Atlanta area.

My stress level has risen quite a bit this week while my threshold of dealing with stupidity has gone quite low. I am having a hard time putting up with the amount of bullshit that goes on. One of my managers that has been with us a little less than a year is also having a pretty hard time dealing with the stress of it right now. She calls it her stupidity level. I can understand that. Hopefully it will get a bit easier for her to deal with, that is if she sticks around long enough.

Hopefully she won’t quit before it does get easier but she’s not making enough money as she could. I lost about a grand this month in bonuses due to the fact that I lost that crappy manager last month and while I hate the shitty paycheck it was worth it for her to go. This one I don’t want to lose because she is good at her job, I just need to get in there and show her how to manage some of it a bit better.

One more day… That’s pretty much all I have thought about today. It has been pretty hard to actually get anything done. At least I know I’m not the only one that’s worn out. My boss has worked just as many days as I have and his Thursday meeting only lasted about thirty minutes today as compared to hours just a couple of weeks ago. A blessing in disguise.

It’s obvious here too, being as how this is the first thing I have posted in the last twenty four hours. I have actually been doing some writing on another story/timeline having to do with one of the news reports I write about quite often. Right now it’s probably somewhere over a thousand words and not even a quarter of the way finished. I may try and get it finished on Saturday if I get the chance. That’s about it for tonight. Perhaps I can get something posted in the morning prior to leaving for work.

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