Very Quiet

We had a bit more company earlier today. Michelle and the kids came over this afternoon to hang out for a while and it was nice to see them. Not it’s pretty quiet though. My brother and his wife have started their seven hour drive back home to Cary along with the kids. I know that they are ready to get home and relax after having spent the better part of the last three weeks in Maine or here.

They were up north with his wife’s family when all of that bad weather hit the northeast and the pictures they had of the snow was amazing. At least once I would truly love to just go check out some snowy weather. Perhaps not for long but it would be pretty cool to see and play in, then get the hell out of Dodge for warmer weather.

Speaking of warmer weather I think we may actually be able to manage getting to the Keys in February. If I can get off my ass and make a good deal of money online over the next few weeks we may just do it. It does mean flying down though because we will only be able to go for two or three days without the children, not to mention the fact that the wife will still be at work. Alas, my vacation won’t coincide with their spring break once again.

While I miss my brother already it’s kind of nice to have a few minutes of quiet. I have put both the girls to bead, the wife is relaxing watching the boob tube and the Marine is immersed in a book on the couch. The loudest thing going on now are the fans in my computer and what my son describes as me attacking the keyboard.