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After having looked at a bunch of cars this week I have pretty much decided on a fairly low payment. I was originally looking at some of the BMWs and Audis but due to restrictions on my auto allowance through work in order for them to cover brakes, tires and stuff like that it has to be an American made car. Not only that but according to Consumer Reports the Audi is just average and the Mercedes and Audis recently have received lower marks. If I am going to pay 25k+ they are going to have to receive exemplary marks.

I don’t particularly want to have an outrageous payment anyway as I like having extra money to spend on vacations and stuff. I have pretty much decided on the 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited below…

PT Cruiser.jpg

It runs at about $18,900 which is about six grand less than the rest of the cars I was looking for, has all of the generic stuff I want, CD player, sunroof, leather seats, power everything and it’s new. I will go through Carmax as I can get just about everything done online and over the phone prior to making the 75 mile drive. I did email them to see if they could deliver it to the Lithia Springs dealership since that’s closer, and stick a GPS unit in it but even if they can’t I think that’s the one I want. I looked at the ragtop and it’s just plain ugly.

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  1. Since my son is gone and it’s just the girls and I this should be big enough for me and the gas mileage will be better than some of the others I looked at.

    Work pays 100% of my gas but it’s still not fair to stick them with a huge bill.

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