It’s been interesting trying to implement all of the changes at work to follow some of the new laws that the state of Georgia is requiring as far as the health code. It seems as if it wouldn’t be that hard to make everyone do what they are told but the big problem in my company as well as the couple of other’s that offer the same type of service is that we don’t pay our hourly employees enough. Facts are facts but the majority of them make between $6.85/hr to $7.25/hr. It’s not a lot and hardly enough to support a family without working two or three jobs.

I have my own opinions about the poor and how they keep themselves poor but the fact is that we don’t pay very much and until we offer higher wages they pretty much have us over a barrel. I certainly can’t fire everyone in my organization because I just physically can’t work that many hours.

Some of the changes are stuff such as wearing gloves when preparing ready to eat foods, proper hand washing, having hair restrained, and no jewelry on the hands and arms, even including medical jewelry. I think all of the changes are great and will make for a much safer and healthier environment but actually executing the changes has been a challenge. Heck, I can’t even get all of my managers to follow the rules, which makes it doubly hard to get the hourly employees to. I am going to end up having to give the managers written warnings I guess. If I can start wearing stupid gloves after doing it one way for 21 years, they can certainly make the change.