Heath Ledger is Dead

Actor Heath Ledger, famous for movies including Brokeback Mountain, has died in a Manhattan apartment according to New York Police. CNN is reporting that he died of a possible drug overdose. Ledger is 28. Police spokesman Paul Browne said that there were pills found in the vicinity of the bed.

In addition to Brokeback Mountain and several other forgettable movies, Ledger is also supposed to be starring as the Joker in the Dark Knight, the Batman sequel.

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  1. Sheesh you are quick! I actually read the news first on your blog before I got it off Google news!

    Maybe it was a conspiracy by Jack Nicholson who was not too happy about not being offered the role of Joker in the new movie.

    Personally I think Jack could pull it off even given his age.

    It’s sad another young actor has bit the big one, but given the way that young actors/actresses comport themselves these days, I can’t say I’m too surprised.

  2. Yeah, I think Jack would do a great job even at his age.

    I guess by tomorrow they will most likely have the cause of death determined. There is a bunch more up at CNN/Yahoo/Google than earlier, just haven’t had the chance to post any of it yet.

  3. Susan Atkins is where she needs to be. She was shown mercy when her death sentence was overturned. If she is as incapacitated as her lawyer/husband claims, one bed is as good as another to spend your last days. Although the state is picking up her healthcare, they would be doing the same if she were released. As an indigent individual with a terminal illness, she will be eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. She asks for compassion; however, she showed Sharon Tate no mercy as she begged for her life and the life of her unborn son. Regarding the abuse claims, if it did occur then she deserves sympathy for her victimization. However, there are many people who have been abused and do not go out and commit premeditated murder. Her religious conversion is between her and her Lord. I cannot judge that, but it is my personal belief that she is using her born again jailhouse religion to manipulate her way out of prison. Susan Atkins has had nearly 40 more years of life than Sharon Tate. While incarcerated she married three times. She had the privilege of bearing a child (who thankfully was taken away from her), and she was able to see him. That opportunity was denied to Sharon Tate. Susan’s son is now a grown man, and hopefully doing well. Sharon’s son never got a chance to grow up. No first day of school, no driver’s license, no high school and college graduation, now marriage, and no children of his own. I have not seen Susan Atkins take any responsibility for her horrific deeds. It is Charles Manson’s fault (he brainwashed me). It was the drugs.(therefore it wasn’t me), she blames everyone but herself for her actions. She also does not exhibit any genuine remorse either. Soon she will be standing before God. If she has His forgiveness, how wonderful for her (and I don’t mean this sarcastically). However, Susan is still accountable to the temporal powers here on earth. Life should still mean life. I have no doubt that the family will be allowed private time to say goodbye to her. My suggestion would be for them to have her buried in an unmarked grave. Her marked grave would be a magnet for the macabre, and they would also run the risk of the grave being desecrated by those who remember her victims and still despise this woman. I realize this is lengthy, but I was a young girl when this occurred, and I remember feeling so sick and frightened. Again I reiterate, she is where she needs to be.

  4. I tend to agree with you (obviously).
    People make their own decisions on what to do with their lives and Susan chose to do the things she did.

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