Service Held for Meredith Emerson

Earlier this month Meredith Emerson’s family and friends held a memorial service in Athens, Georgia where she attended college. It gave her friends the chance to say goodbye and offer a bit of closure for them.

Yesterday her family and two hundred of her friends held a memorial service in Boulder Colorado where they recalled her as a "beautiful, witty, clever woman with a contagious laugh".

As I posted in several other entries Emerson was kidnapped on New Years day in Vogel State park while she was hiking Blood Mountain. Police found her seven days later with the help of Gary Michael Hilton, who has been charged with her beating and decapitation.

Hilton could also face charges in the death of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, who was found dead in a national forest in Florida. The State Attorney, Willie Meggs, says he has enough evidence to pursue charges but has not yet said whether or not they will charge him.

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