New Lead in Briana Denison Case

There is new DNA evidence which links the disappearance of Brianna Denison in Nevada to another sexual assault and kidnapping.

Reno Police are saying that the suspect they are most likely looking for is white, in his mid-thirties, drives a truck or SUV, has facial hair and is in good shape.

Police are saying that the DNA links the disappearance of Denison and the December assault of a college student in the area and leads them to believe that a sole attacker was responsible for both cases.

Police believe that the man lives in the area or knows the campus well and are asking for help from anyone that may have seen someone acting suspiciously or perhaps their behavior has changed radically over the last few weeks.

assaults This map from the Reno Gazette-Journal shows the locations of the abductions that might be related to this case over the last three months.

During the kidnapping on December 16th the suspect knocked the 22-year-old student unconscious, made her perform a sex act on him, and then drove her back to her apartment.

According to the police his DNA profile does not yet match any of the convicted offenders entered into the national DNA database, but apparently scientists have been complaining that the database is severely backlogged. Just how behind they are I am not sure.

They are saying now that the fluid found on Brianna’s pillow was her blood and that they also found her attacker’s DNA at the scene. They are saying that the pillow could have been used to restrain or smother her.

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