While Shadowscope the blog doesn’t celebrate it’s blogiversary until June some time, Shadowscope the web site his nine years back on Christmas Day. I started out running the site mainly for BBSing and Skinning news back sometime in ’98 and installed my hit counter on Christmas Day, which is why I use that date as the official birthday.

I guess I was so busy working through the holidays and spending time with the family that I completely forgot about that.

There is another weird anniversary of sorts going on as well. I started getting paid to blog this time last year as well. Over all I think that it has improved my blogging as a whole. While there are some posts that I look at and say “?” and “why the heck did I write that?” I have been blogging more regularly, writing longer and more thoughtful posts (sometimes) and just had a good time doing it.

Up until this time last year most of what I did the first three years was post links and one-liners with an occasional rant thrown in to mix it up a bit. I really didn’t write much and the thought of writing a post of several hundred words just would not have crossed my mind at all.

Now it’s just not a big deal at all to whip out a post of several hundred words. Are they more entertaining? I guess that’s all in the eye of the beholder but I am certainly more entertained, which is why I started this dog and pony show to begin with…

BTW, I got the weirdest text message the other day..



What fucking meeting? I left the name off but I know at least four ladies with that name. I suppose I could call the number on the text message and see what it’s all about. I was afraid I had missed something that i was supposed to be at, so if you sent me this text message, send me a friggin’ email or something.

Jut finished boiling some eggs. I think it’s time for a nice little egg salad sandwich. Enjoy your lunch if you are eaiting.