24 hours later and the blog is publishing again. I am still not sure what the heck was up with that. I made some changes in my templates and cut out some overhead but I still think it was some sort of database issue. Either way it pisses me off but I won’t bitch too much. Any time I have a complaint my host will stay on it until they get it fixed.

Two more weeks and I will be on vacation. Damn, I am seriously looking forward to that.

Both girls are still sick. I mentioned earlier in the week that RePete had tested positive for Flu and Pete had all of the symptoms. Now they have ear infections and Pete has the beginnings of Pneumonia. We have a small pharmacy going on here on the kitchen counter. Both of them are pretty miserable. I felt a bit under the weather earlier in the week and it seemed like it was going away but now the crud seems to be creeping back into my chest. Crap, I can’t miss work. Nobody to call in to as the boss…