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Found this by way of a message board I don’t normally read but what the hey. If you have any you want me to post send ’em my way.



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  1. Oh, great. Thanks, Richard. I HAD been sitting next to my son catching up on my blogreading with my laptop. Then he saw that photo which, frankly, while she’s a hottie she’s not something I want my 7-year-old son to be looking at.

    This is why people use the “more” button and an NSFW disclaimer, dude.

  2. Living not far from Florence, this has been all over the news. The news here reported that she got a police escort from the airport back to her hometown. I agree, I still can not understand how a hotel chain can hire illegal aliens to work for them. It is another death that could have been avoided if the laws would crack down on illegal immigration. This info is from’s website
    Knoxville Police have charged a Days Inn employee with first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Hampton.
    Valentino Vasquez Miranda, 19, has been held in the Knox County Detention Center on a forgery charge and a federal detainer since September 20th, the day after Jennifer Hampton disappeared from the Days Inn on Lovell Road. He is now being held on one million dollars bond.
    According to the murder warrant, the Knox County medical examiner says Hampton was strangled to death, sometime in the early morning hours of September 20th. The warrant also says Valentino Miranda’s wife turned over bloody clothes she says her husband was wearing in the early morning hours of September 20th.
    Miranda’s wife is also an employee at the Days Inn.
    According to the warrant, the blood on Miranda’s clothes matches Hampton’s blood.
    Knoxville Police investigators have evidence to show that Miranda’s master key card was used to access Hampton’s room at the Days Inn around 2:45 a.m. on September 20th, according to the warrant. Miranda will be held in jail on a $1 million bond.
    Knoxville Police have also held Rogelio Dominguez Melchor, another hotel employee, for questioning. Like Miranda, he is also an illegal alien who allegedly used fake identification.
    Police took both men into custody a short time after Hampton disappeared.
    A fisherman found Hampton’s body on Saturday in Melton Hill Lake, in the Oak Ridge community near Knoxville.
    Meanwhile, Eddie Daniel, who represents Hampton’s family, says the family is relieved of the news. “They’re relieved at hearing justice is being served in the death of their beloved Jenny,” he said. “They will continue to aggressively pursue justice for her until all of the suspects are found guilty in this case.”

  3. Hi, I am Jennifer’s cousin. I grew up with her and her sisters (her sister Chrissy and I were born 26 hours apart at the same hospital). I have since moved to Jacksonville, Fla but I loved them all like sisters. I went to say goodbye to Jenny for the last time last week. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I was there at the private funeral (closed casket because my beautiful Jenny was beaten) and you could not imagine the pain that her mother and sisters were in. You cannot imagine what it felt like to watch her mother go hug the casket and tell her baby goodbye forever. Jennifer was a jeans, t-shirt type of girl..she wasn’t asking for unwanted attention.. she was quiet, shy and would do anything for anyone. Like you I have asked how these illegal immigrants were able to be employed by this huge hotel chain. I’m sure it’s someone that wanted to save a dollar or two…but instead it cost a life..something that I and her family will NEVER get back…I can only imagine what was going through that beautiful girl’s mind as she fought for her life at the hand of someone that SHOULD NOT even been here…let alone live at a motel with a master key…It has been very emotional for me and I doubt I will ever get over this…so please let me know what I can do to help keep these people out of our country…I would never have someone go through the pain her family and I have for anything…I live in a big city and have alot of construction going on…with alot of people I have questioned about being illegal immigrants. So please give me any info that I can use.
    Heather Hampton-Shuman

  4. im sorry for the pain this piece of human garbage has caused. i understand the pain this person has caused but dont put down or hate a race becuse of the actions of some. there are bad people in all races. im mexican and im legal. and im living as close to a decent human being i can be. give or take a few vices that i have . i have a daughter also and i would be devastated if something like this happened to her. i agree about getting rid of the illegal’s (which come from all countries instead of just mexico) so the government needs to step up. god bless

  5. I still haven’t been able to obtain an answer from the Day’s Inn about illegals but I will be sending another email to them to try and get one.

    i understand the pain this person has caused but dont put down or hate a race becuse of the actions of some. there are bad people in all races. im mexican and im legal. and im living as close to a decent human being i can be. give or take a few vices that i have . i have a daughter also and i would be devastated if something like this happened to her. i agree about getting rid of the illegal’s (which come from all countries instead of just mexico)

    But that’s the important part isn’t it? You are LEGAL. You pay income taxes just like me in order to receive whatever so-called ‘benefits’ that the government provides, such as law enforcement protecting your family, medicare, social security, etc…I wouldn’t even have a problem with some type of amnesty bill for the folks that are already here provided that the government was able to at least do a background check and weed out the violent criminals.
    When companies like the Day’s Inn hire criminals to work for them KNOWING that they are in the country illegally they should be held at fault in the crime as well. I don’t believe in frivolous lawsuits and personally think that most of them should be thrown out of court but in Jennifer’s case someone needs to hold the Day’s Inn accountable and it seems as though most corporations don’t listen to anything but money. If hit with a stiff enough lawsuit or fine they might change some of the rules in their franchise agreements about following local laws and statutes.

  6. I just shot an email out to a couple of folks at Wyndham Worldwide, the corporation that owns the Day’s Inn name. Don’t know if I will get an answer or not, particularly considering the questions I asked, but if I do I’ll post them here as well as forward them to you. I’m really sorry for your loss and that of her family’s and you guys have my condolences. I lost my best friend a couple of years ago and I know that losing a friend or family member is no walk in the park.
    Here is the email I sent them:

    I am trying to find information on what your corporate policy is concerning employing citizens of the United States at your locations in the U.S. versus employing illegal aliens, also what sort of policy is written into your franchise agreements regarding employment practices. As an employer I am required to make sure an turn in proof of citizenship to the Social Security Administration and my store managers that don’t turn in the required documentation on their employees receive a fine from my company. Is there any comparable fine or punishment for your hotel managers or franchisees that you know of?
    The reason I’m asking is because I have been writing about Jennifer Lee Hampton, the girl that was killed at one of your franchisees in Tennessee by illegal aliens employed by said franchisee. What type of position does your company take on the employment practices of your franchisees considering that they are using your corporate name and logo and anything they do reflects upon Wyndham Worldwide?

  7. Heather, I sent an email to Wyndham Worldwide, the parent company of Day’s Inn and I got exactly the answer I expected:

    Thanks, Richard.
    To answer your question, as a franchise company, we do not have authority over employee decisions at the property, and we direct franchisees to abide by all applicable laws. Our business relationship with franchisees is proprietary information that I am not at liberty to discuss.

    I work for a corporation that is about half company owned stores and half franchises and that is the same sort of crap we would spout although generally if there is a really bad issue with a franchise we will cancel their agreement and take it back, trying to fix the problem. Anyhow, they did pass along some more information as well that you might be interested in:

    If you’d like specific information about the incident at the Knoxville hotel, please contact Nick Patelis, property owner, at (865) 966-5801

    I am going to try and call him to get more information tomorrow, but if anyone else wants to as well, maybe he will help us out. If I can do anything else to help, just let me know. From everything I have read and heard Jennifer was a very caring loving person and you folks have my condolences.

  8. When I called the number you posted >>865) 687-5800
    They say its not them !!! I told them whatever and hung up on them . I will nver stay at a Days Inn again , ever !!!!

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