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  1. Name that Party: Top Aide to Mass. Governor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Boy

    Name that Party is a game everyone can play. Whenever a scandal occurs that involves a Republican, the party affiliation of the suspect is trumpeted and the suspect is presumed guilty, guilty, Guilty, GUILTY! But when it involves a Democrat the suspect…

  2. Liberal Multiculturalism: When Integration Means Segregation (A Dhimmi in Canterbury)

    Anglican Church leader Rowan Williams sparked open confrontation with the Labour government Thursday by suggesting that the introduction of some aspects of Islamic (sharia) law was “unavoidable” in Britain to …

  3. Code Pinko vs. Move America Forward

    Now is the time to fight back. If you have to wear pink just to get in under cover, do so. They are on to our plan to show up on the 12th. They are planning to stack the deck by having all code pinkos sitting in those chairs. DO NOT ALLOW THIS …

  4. McCain, the straw that broke the Conservatives back

    It’s not just John McCain and his long-time Liberal ways that have true Conservatives upset — it’s that McCain is the LAST STRAW and we are not going to take it any more. We are fed up with traitors within

  5. From The Mouths Of Babes

    Just one of those reminders about how far we have gone in accommodating illegal aliens in this country – at the expense of every American citizen, including those of Hispanic descent. As I’ve mentioned, over half of my students are…

  6. Hamas In Iran Threatens Attacks On Israel

    Liberals think we should talk to those nice people in Iran
    Israel can expect a wave of suicide bombings inside its 1967 borders, not just the West Bank, Hamas’ representative in Iran said yesterday. The announcement came as Palestinian militants …

  7. This would be great if I just had the computer skills to accomplish what I am still only guessing on understanding what you are talking about! LOL! Oh well.


    Thursday was a dark day for the Conservative movement in the U.S. in many ways with the standing down of Romney and the rise of McCain to the ’standard bearer’ of the GOP. This despite his odiousness to Conservatives.
    McCain’s speech…

  9. How Hillary Will Leave Our Country

    Hillary Clinton claims that she has the most experience is the best qualified person for the job. If John McCain wins the Republican nomination then that is out the door because he has been there a lot longer and has more qualifications. Make no mist…

  10. Why Were 200 Michigan Marine Reservists Kicked Out Of Toledo?

    This is the only info I can find at this point. I will follow up when I have more info:
    Marines reservists from Grand Rapids were forced to cut short their training exercise in Toledo Friday.
    The Company A 1st Battalion 24th Marines were conducting …

  11. Marine Reservists forced out of Toledo by Mayor Finkbeiner

    Grand Rapids Marines were forced to cut short their training exercise in Toledo Friday by the Mayor’s office.
    Pam at Right Voices asks: Why Were 200 Michigan Marine Reservists Kicked Out Of Toledo?
    She has more links, although links are sparse o…

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