90 Hours

It was a pretty uneventful day. I spent the great majority of the morning running around and didn’t make it back to the house until early this afternoon. I actually had written a couple of posts on my phone but for some reason Pocket SharptMT keeps losing my darn settings and won’t post. Guess I need to look into that before the weekend. I won’t do a ton of blogging but I am bound to post at least something from the phone. While I won’t have any cell phone service on the island there is bound to be someplace with wireless I can upload a couple of offline entries.

That’s what I am referring to in the title. 90 Hours from now the wife and I will be on New Providence Island in the Bahamas hanging out on Cable Beach. I don’t see us doing much of anything on Friday after we get there around noon other than hanging out at the resort, although I do want to check out the Crystal Palace Casino on Friday night. Saturday we’ll go into Nassau and do some sightseeing and shopping as well as head over to Paradise Island and check out Atlantis.

We were going to rent a car but the wife has pretty much talked me out of it. I am still pretty hesitant about not renting but since I don’t know anything about available parking downtown I suppose we’ll be fine. If we get stuck somewhere there’s always the taxi. There is some type of pretty cheap bus service (privately, individually owned) that costs a buck according to Fodor’s we will most likely use.

I think we are pretty much decided on taking only carry on bags, maybe with a cloth bag stuffed in there in case we buy a bunch of junk and need to have it checked on the return trip. The less time I have to spend in the airport the better I will feel about the whole trip. Jeans and T-Shirts are going to be the order of the weekend, with shorts during the day. I guess I need to take my camera vest too but that will be about it. If it were later in the year I could probably pack even lighter but I have to dress for Atlanta weather and since we have to leave the house at 6 a.m. Friday it’s sure to be pretty cool.

Anyway, I started the post writing about my day. I spent the greater part of the morning at Douglas County Dodge. My airbag light has been coming on constantly since the day after I bought the thing, so I set up an appointment at CarMax to get it looked at. It’s still under manufacturer’s warranty so I was only there long enough to get directions to the Dodge dealership. Why they didn’t fucking send me there in the first place I’ll never know. Ends up they couldn’t do anything today. They have ordered a part and are going to call me when it comes in. Something about a spring. All I could picture in my head was this big old bed spring pushing out this little airbag into my damn face when I hit the breaks…

I also had to stop by one of my stores and leave my expense report for my boss to approve. He and all of the great muckety mucks and the rest of the dog and pony show are going to be in Colorado for the next two days for their annual meeting and I start my vacation the day they come back. I thought that was good planning on my part even if I wasn’t aware of it. That means I won’t get hassled too much when I have a cook in my restaurant on Wednesday morning. I may run one tomorrow as well if I can get in touch with the girl. I have a ton of stuff I need to get finished between now and then.

I went ahead and had a tasty cheese steak and hash browns for lunch while I was there dropping off my paperwork. Sitting in the damned waiting room was famishing. I did type a couple of posts but as I said above the stupid program lost them.

I also had to stop at the vets and make an appointment for Riley on Thursday morning. His ears seem to be bothering him lately. Most likely he’s got another infection and needs some antibiotics. I don’t particularly want to leave town with him sick.

That’s about it for today. I have to Blogs for Borders thing to post after this but I think I am going to hit the sack early. I didn’t sleep for shit last night and am nodding off sitting here at my desk. Me drooling on my desk is not a sight anyone needs to see.