Moving to a New Server

My web host has suggested that I move to a new server they have online. That will be nice as it should make things a bit faster. I received this email earlier:


Richard, after our monthly server evaluation we’ve identified that your account is one of the top 10 in terms of traffic, and hence server usage. To offset some of the load on the server we would like to move your account to our newest server called Chanel. There will be no planned downtime during the move, and you’ll benefit from the speed the new server has to offer.

Please let me know when you’d like us to schedule the move to the new Chanel server.

Thank you

That will be pretty darned nice. I have had to disable 90% of the plugins and addons for MT due to CPU usage and the fact that I couldn’t even log in. I even had to disable my server stats plugin, MT-VisitorStats because the MT dashboard refused to load even after upgrading to the newest release. It will be nice to be able to use some of them again.