February 23, 2008

Who Needs It Anyway?

I have been doing pretty well with the smoking this week. I’ve gone from two to three packs a day down to a pack every three days. I am going to try and quit again come Tuesday. That’s when I start the new week of Chantix, which is why I picked Tuesday. I am actually…Read more

More Vacations…

I think the wife and girls are going to be going back to Bluffton for spring break again this year. Our friend Niqui is going to be moving pretty soon. I think she may have found someone to buy the Art Cafe on Hilton Head and that means she and her kids will be moving…Read more

Vigil For Brianna Denison

Several hundred people held a vigil last night in the same field where Brianna Denison’s body was found last week. According to CNN and a couple of other news sites I’ve stopped in at, pepper spray is a hot item in town right now. Doesn’t surprise me. I would think that guns would be another…Read more

Something for Nothing?

This is a pretty cool deal. I’ve used VistaPrint before for business cards and came across a pretty nice deal this afternoon while I was over there. First off, VistaPrint offers custom design and print solutions for businesses, homes, web sites, just about anything you could think of, at a pretty decent price. A box…Read more

What a Day

It was a pretty uneventful day, although it was kind of long. For some reason I started waking up at 2 a.m. this morning and had a hard time sleeping, so when the alarm finally started going off at 5 I kept hitting snooze and didn’t get up until almost 6 a.m. I still made…Read more

Saturday Open Trackback

This is the Saturday edition of the open track-back post. Open track-backs are a great way for you to share and show up your work. Just send a ping back to this post and your trackback will show up in the bottom of this entry. You can also go check out the link above and…Read more