Something for Nothing?

This is a pretty cool deal. I’ve used VistaPrint before for business cards and came across a pretty nice deal this afternoon while I was over there. First off, VistaPrint offers custom design and print solutions for businesses, homes, web sites, just about anything you could think of, at a pretty decent price. A box of 250 of their premium business cards are just under $20 and they offer free logo design to go along with it. Business cards aren’t the only thing they offer though. Letterheads, car door magnets, marketing materials such as postcards, brochures and rack cards, clothing such as hats and T-shirts, stationary, rubber stamps, labels and more.

I used to print out my own business cards using my deskjet printer, but the quality is just never the same as using a professional service. The ones I did myself printed out in sheets and either I had to cut them (they were always uneven) or they were the ones that were perforated (and they look it too). There’s just no substitute for a professional job well done.

Anyway, back to the deal I mentioned at the beginning of the post. I was browsing through their custom magnets section and found out that if you use the coupon code “Blog25FreeMag” you can get 25 free magnets. Put your business name on them, your website, your phone number to hand out to the ladies, whatever you want to do with them, it’s entirely up to you. I have a ton of magnets on my refrigerator holding up my kid’s artwork, calendars, appointments and other important stuff and they are there. When I want to order pizza I know which magnet to look for, I even have one for the vet when the dog isn’t feeling well. Actually I lie. I don’t really call and order pizza on the phone any more. I order it through their web site, but the magnet’s still there! Anyway, if you want to get 25 free customized magnets head on over to VistaPrint and use the code Blog25FreeMag.

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  1. The same products: business cards, magnets, flayers, postcards, and so on, are offered, sometimes for free, at
    You can choose pre-designed products, use pre-designed templates, or design your own products. the process is totaly on-line and what you see is what you get and it arives to your doorstep with fedex.

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