Sunday Open Trackback

This is the Sunday edition of the open track-back post. Open track-backs are a great way for you to share and show up your work. Just send a ping back to this post and your trackback will show up in the bottom of this entry.

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4 throughts on "Sunday Open Trackback"

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    The New York Times put out a hit piece on John McCain that its own ombudsman criticized because it made accusations about a sexual relationship without providing any evidence. As the ombudsman pointed out, there is a pretty good story if all the sex r…

  2. 02/24/08: Kate Beckinsale

    The most important thing about a female is not her looks or her brains, but whether or not she can beat the crap out of somebody….

  3. The FEC Is Not Legally Able To Process Your Request At This Time Mr. Dean

    MyDD is having kittens about McCain and the financing of his campaign. They seem to think because a member of the FEC sent a letter to McCain, action will be taken. Howard Dean intends to file a complaint tomorrow. Here’s the deal, at the mom…