Off Time

It’s been a pretty uneventful day here at the Miles Casa. I have a ton of things on my to-do list and haven’t managed to get very many of them done today. I need to pay some bills and start working on my 2007 taxes but somehow just don’t want to.

I did manage to get about ten hours of sleep. Maybe a bit too much but damn I am behind. I need to find a way to balance my sleep/job/stuff at home so that I can get enough rest and spend some time with the family as well. It’s pretty difficult at times.

I am doing so-so quitting smoking. I managed to get down to a pack every couple of days and then quit Monday night when I went to bed. I didn’t smoke at all at work yesterday. Ended up going about 16 hours, which is quite a long time. What I didn’t realize is that I apparently had a pack in my car that I found on the way home from work yesterday afternoon. So much for that. I had thought the wife was going to take them with her this morning but apparently she forgot. It’s almost gone and once it is I will quit once again. I feel like such a darned lightweight.

I have a nice dinner planned. The wife thawed a couple of pork loins so I marinated them in olive oil and rubbed them with a some different spices. They are sitting in the refrigerator now just waiting to go in the oven. I figure around four I will pop them in and decided what else to have with them.

I have mentioned a few times that I really hate the Samsung i760 that I picked up. In theory I like the idea of a pocket PC phone, but in practice I don’t like the implementation. I guess it’s all about what you like. Apparently it’s still pretty popular as far as PDA/phones go. I got a blackberry last week instead and will put the Samsung up on eBay later this afternoon. I have a few reviews I need to get written first.

We are still talking about redoing our bedroom later this spring. I think the wife and I both have different ideas about what we want so I am just going to stay out of it now. Doesn’t really matter anyway as long as the bed is comfortable. I am going to end up putting a TV on the wall and make it into a small home theater. The wife seems to prefer the idea of having it in the room. That’s fine, I can put on in the bedroom and another in the living room. Eventually it would be kind of cool to put some home theater seating down in the basement and set up an HTPC down there, but that may be a while. It’s more of a wish list thing that is down near the bottom.