March 28, 2008

Spring Break

So the girls are officially on spring break for the next nine days, including the wife. Unfortunately I will only have one of those days off 🙁 I think they are planning on going to the Atlanta Zoo tomorrow and then Sunday they are driving back down to Hilton Head to spend a few days…Read more

The IRS owns me…

I worked out again for the fifth day in a row. Although it burned a bit I am starting to have a much easier time of it than I was the first day or two. In a few more days I am going to add the elliptical or treadmill to it as well, at least…Read more

Beer Pong

So I came across this video earlier today about Beer Pong. I am 41 years old and have never seen anyone play Beer Pong in my entire life. I came across a link to a couple of sites earlier and so went looking for videos on YouTube. I found this one. #1, this is a…Read more