Spring Break

So the girls are officially on spring break for the next nine days, including the wife. Unfortunately I will only have one of those days off 🙁

I think they are planning on going to the Atlanta Zoo tomorrow and then Sunday they are driving back down to Hilton Head to spend a few days with our friend Niqui before she moves. I wish that I could go down but I am unfortunately going to be stuck at work all week. As a matter of fact I am going to have to work doubles on Sunday and Thursday. I’m not particularly looking forward to that. I hate working doubles but unfortunately sometimes this business calls for it. My profits haven’t been all they could be and I need to make sure I have plenty of money when it comes time to go to Disney, and that’s the money I am making now.

…I was looking at the local wally world when I was picking up some supplies for work on Wednesday and I came across a pair of skate shoes. Pete was dying for a pair of these toward the end of the school year last year and I almost got them but I don’t know if she wants them anymore. I think I will wait. Don’t really want to spend any money right now as it is.

I think I will surf the web for a while and then shower. I want to hit the sack at a decent time tonight. We are doing a benefit