…and another thing!

You know what I’ve noticed about not smoking. Today is day number six oh by the way. That’s not what I’ve noticed though. My house smells like shit!

I don’t know if it’s eight years of smoking in it or if my dog is just making it smell but damn! I’m starting to smell all kinds of stuff that I couldn’t a week ago and you know what? I may just have to get some nose plugs because most of what I have smelled so far sucks. It’s enough to make me want to smoke again, although right now ANYTHING is enough to make me want to smoke.

Know what else? I’m blogging nekked right now. Probably more than you needed to know but that’s why you really come here anyway, I know it is. You guys are just waiting for a webcam shot of my ballsack hanging over my computer chair while I merrily type away. I can do that. The wife and girls are in Hilton Head right now. Actually they are in Bluffton but unless you are from the lowlands or visit there often most people don’t have a fucking clue as to where Bluffton is, which is due west of Hilton Head Island, on the mainland. The only thing separating the two towns now is the water. If they could build shopping centers on the bridge you’d never notice the difference anymore except that Bluffton doesn’t restrict builders quite as much in what they are tearing down. I don’t know when they are coming home but since my paycheck won’t be in the bank until Friday morning it’s a pretty safe bet they will be there until at least Friday.

Hey! Only $1054 left to pay on my Disney trip. I’m taking care of that on Friday and there went a quick five big ones. That pays for just about everything though, except for my gas to get down there. Six nights and seven days. Sweet. I’m looking forward to the trip and judging from the way things have been at work lately I’ll damn sure need the vacation. I have two of my managers going on back-to-back vacations in three week, which pretty much means me working 20 days straight. I may manage to get a day off during that time, it just depends on if I am staffed.

So the manager called me this afternoon from the store I was at the last two days. Apparently the waitress I sent home yesterday was upset and the manager wanted an explanation. I told her that when her employees call me five minutes after they should have already been there to tell me they are going to be late, chances are I will send them the fuck home if I can get it covered before they get there. If I can’t get it covered, then they get to work. Kind of like the lottery for stupid fucking people that are consistently late.

I went and worked out this afternoon. I ended up skipping yesterday. I got out of work two hours later than I had planned, so I came home and wrote for awhile, planning on going back after I did shift change last night. I got to the gym and there were three or four buff dudes and their girlfriends there all working out and showing off. I didn’t even get out of the fucking car. Fat old man syndrome kicked in and I beat a hasty retreat home. I like going early in the day when all of the old fat people are there. Makes me feel much better about myself 🙂 I am much less self-conscious when nobody else is around, so when I can manage to shoot out of work by 2:15 that’s the best time, although on my days off last week I went in the morning. That was cool because it’s just the owner or his father-in-law working and all the milfs coming in to use the tanning beds. Speaking of tanning, I did that as well today. I sort of varied it though. I worked out on the weights, tanned and then used the elliptical for half an hour. I have been using it for shorter periods of time the couple of occasions that I have tried it and it hasn’t really been a big deal but damn I got a workout on it today. I was sweating my ass off. That’s a good thing because I need to burn this tire off the middle. I was fine until it told me to go backwards. Backwards? I can barely get on the fucking thing and move in a semi-forward direction and you want me to move backwards? Damn.

So here I sit. Nekked. Munching on microwave Burritos. Can it get any better than this? I suppose if I moved my chair to the front porch that would be better, but most likely short lived.

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  1. Dude, I quit smoking this year and for the first time used hypnosis. I wasn’t sure it would do any good, but I haven’t had a cig in a few months and didn’t want one. Freaky, huh? let me know if you want the link to the cd I got, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it somewhere.

    I don’t want to think about you reading this nekkid. Please don’t make me.

  2. Karen, very much looking forward to the Disney trip. We took the kids a couple of years ago but I think that my youngest is old enough (how’s that?) to really appreciate it.

    Tracy Lynn, I though about hypnosis but was afraid that i would end up at work with my pants on my head barking like a chicken.

  3. …. wait, I’m a bit confused…. you quit smoking, your house smells like shit, you’re working 80 hour weeks, and you are blogging nekkid?….. I think it may be bathtime……

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