April 4, 2008


So I paid off the trip to Disney when I woke up this morning. W00t. $5400 in six weeks. That kicked my tail, trying to make sure I made enough to pay for it as well as the bills. I know it’s still eight weeks away but time flies and the end of May will…Read more

Feels like Saturday

For some reason it has felt like Saturday since I got up this morning. I think that’s due to the fact that the girls are on Spring Break. Since they’ve been out of town all week I haven’t gotten used to them being here and now that they are it feels like a weekend. I…Read more

SubSpecies23 Receives Death Sentence

I’ve been following the trial of Kevin Ray Underwood since he was arrested in the murder of Jamie Rose Bolin. Last month he was convicted in the killing and Thursday McClain County District Judge Candace Blalock handed down the sentence of death by injection for the crime. The jury had recommended death for the loser…Read more

Murders Near Campus May Be Linked

Three unsolved murders in a year have something in common. They’ve spread fear among college students and residents in Wisconsin’s normally laid-back capital, Madison Police are saying that there are some similarities in at least two of the murders but aren’t giving away any details at the moment. Wednesday police found the body of University…Read more