So I paid off the trip to Disney when I woke up this morning. W00t. $5400 in six weeks. That kicked my tail, trying to make sure I made enough to pay for it as well as the bills. I know it’s still eight weeks away but time flies and the end of May will be here before you know it.

With both of us working out trying to lose weight, we may end up having to get new clothes before we leave. Of course I very rarely buy clothes so the same stuff that’s been in my dresser for the last six or twenty years should fit me through several size decreases. The wife may want to get more stuff, at least for the pool. I’m sure we’ll end up looking for bathing suits, if not for her then for the girls. I think one piece swimwear is called for in this case 🙂

You would think that going to Disney that we wouldn’t spend much time in the pool, but even at the end of May it’s pretty darned hot in Central Florida. The last time we went to Disney was in the middle of October and we swam then too. I expect that we will spend a bit of time in the pool every day and I know we’re planning on going to at least one of the water parks.