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Priest has got a new album out entitled Nostradamus. The title track is pretty good. The beginning of it sounds like something from the days of Stained Class or Sin After Sin and the rest of the song reminds me of the Ram it Down album. If the rest of the double album due out in June rocks like this does it’s going to kick some ass. Check out the song!

Here’s the Album Cover:


Think ‘Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve concept album,’ and some of rock’s all-time classic recordings come to mind. But in the realm of heavy metal, there has never been a double vinyl (now disc!) concept album that has managed to balance a thought-provoking storyline with metallic thunder. That was, until now. Metal legends JUDAS PRIEST will be releasing their sprawling double disc concept album, ‘Nostradamus’ via Columbia Records on Monday, June 16th in the UK/Europe, and a day later in the US on Epic Records.

Long in the works, ‘Nostradamus’ takes epic storytelling to a whole new level, as it recounts the life of this mysterious, world-known 16th Century French prophet. Some of the events that Nostradamus experts have interpreted as his predictions include the great fire of London in 1666, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and most recently, 9-11, among countless other renowned events.

“As in any concept piece, the lifeline needs to be of a solid source, taking the music over many levels of interest and perception,” points out singer Rob Halford. “Nostradamus’ contains new frontiers explored and defined. The sense of adventure and the journey we undertook bringing the man’s life alive with metal was a real labour of love.”

As with all new Priest releases, the group – singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis – will embark on a mammoth worldwide tour in support of ‘Nostradamus.’ Priest will be performing at the 2008 Download Festival – on a bill also featuring Kiss – which will serve as a ‘homecoming’ of sorts for the group, as they performed at the first-ever ‘Monsters of Rock Festival’ at Donington Park in 1980.

Since 1974, Judas Priest has been one of heavy metal’s most successful bands, issuing such all-time classic albums as 1980’s ‘British Steel,’ 1982’s ‘Screaming for Vengeance,’ and 1990’s ‘Painkiller,’ and such arena-rocking anthems as “Breaking the Law,” “Living After Midnight,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.” However, Priest’s influence goes far beyond their music – they were the first metal band to embrace the ‘leather biker look,’ a fashion that has since become synonymous with the musical genre. Additionally, Halford’s powerful four-and-a-half octave vocal range and the twin guitar harmonies of Downing and Tipton have been ‘studied’ by countless metal bands in Priest’s wake.

“The ‘Nostradamus’ album – above all others – is perhaps the one I’m most proud of,” says Tipton. “Whilst in essence and character still very much Judas Priest, it has afforded the opportunity to explore areas of classical and operatic dimensions that the band normally wouldn’t. As a guitarist and writer it has inspired me to greater heights and opened new doors to intrigue and passion. From start to finish, it will take you through a magical experience filled with light, shade, drama, melody and emotion that reflects this unique man and his life.”

“For me, ‘Nostradamus’ has been a musical journey without comparison,” adds Downing. “The intrigue and mystery that surrounds this revered man has expanded my perception of heavy metal to the highest plateau and enabled me to reach the outer limits of my imagination and transport unique feelings and emotions to the instrument that allows me to express myself.”

In addition to the regular jewel case double CD version of the album, collectors will undoubtedly be interested in hunting down a copy of a Deluxe Double CD housed in a 48 page hardbound book package. But that’s not all – a Super Deluxe Box-set version will also be available with triple vinyl, the double CD, an expanded booklet & a poster.

Most bands of this high stature would be happy to play it safe. But not Judas Priest, who continue to take chances and break new ground. No other rock band could have pulled off such a grand statement, and Judas Priest have raised the bar once more with ‘Nostradamus.’

As to why they chose to make a concept album about Nostradamus, Tipton explains: “We didn’t – he chose us. We feel it was meant to be!”

To get a taste of what awaits for you within ‘Nostradamus,’ go to livenation.com/judaspriest Monday, April 21st to download exclusive free mp3 of the album’s title track, as well as view the world premiere of the album cover art.


Dawn of Creation


The Four Horsemen

Sands of Time







Shadows In the Flame


Calm Before The Storm


I’m pretty psyched about the new album and can’t wait until it’s release. Hopefully like the last Priest album this one will sell on iTunes. It’s easier for me to purchase it there and then just burn the CD myself.

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  6. I have heard the father had died in a car accident last year, but what about HIS family? There has to be someone on his side that wants to say something. In my opinion, Casey doesn’t know who the father is; that’s why “he died.”

  7. Caylee’s father has been tentatively identified by Casey’s mother as Jesse Grund. I actually posted the link to his MySpace page along with the info over at my .

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    I was able to go see her in May, and I had the sense then that her time was short.  I am glad I did, because I silently said my goodbyes then, so I …

  11. we have been sending out our prayers to little caylee since this began – the feeling here is that the mother either got involved with the wrong people and her daughter was affected by it or that the mother either adverdantly or inadverdantly killed her daughter and panicked and went ahead with the disposal of the girls body – in either scenario she is not helping law officials expedite their search for her and it must be frustrating for them to know that the only person who can actually help end this ordeal is sitting right there in their midst refusing to help –
    her parents (i seriously doubt the father has anything to do with what is going on) are wracked with worry and are willing to believe anything their daughter tells them if only to try and persuade her to cooperate – if the grandmother is in any way involved it would only be in a far second handed sense – if it isnt the kidnap scenario as she insists it is then my feeling is that she may have killed her daughter in a fit of rage and knew that an autopsy report would show that and got rid of the little girls body because any person with the slightest bit of rational thinking would know that an accidental death would be proven eventually –
    now if this is all a hoax on the part of the mother then she should be imprisoned for making all of america suffer this long. Our prayers go out to those people who are actively cooperating in trying to find her –

  12. We heard on the 10o’clock news last night on channel 5 that the 2 gasoline cans were in the paper bags recovered from c.s.i for fingerprints..haven’t heard anything since can you confirm or deny this..we know what we heard but there’s no mention this morning..plus if the cans were stolen how would they be in the shed?So many questions so little answers..

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  14. All I’ve heard is that the Orange County Sheriff’s department won’t specify what stuff they took from the Anthony’s house. I think the news is probably speculating and even if they did take the gas cans it doesn’t mean they were the ones that were reported stolen on the 24th. I just checked the Orange County Sheriff’s Department web site where they have been posting updates on the case and there is nothing new there. The initial report on the gas cans is still there but nothing has been added.
    The web site is here if you want to check it out. The most recent update is from July 28th and that is the burglary report that they are linking to the Anthony case just due to proximity.

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  16. Has the police or search and rescue laid out a grid search?
    Has there been a search of the neiborhood?
    In regards to the shovel it would seem like the mother if she buried Caylee.
    Would find a place, which in most cases are within a short distance of the home.
    I looked at MAPQUEST and their seems to be alot of ponds or lakes close by. Have they been checked? It seems like it would be easy to dig a shallow grave in a place where the dirt is soft ie: close to water.
    This whole case seems different it seems like the community hasn’t been involved has in most missing children cases?

  17. Phil, that I don’t know. So much of the area is populated that from what I have read the police have gone door to door but I doubt that they have searched much of the private property.

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  21. time to start checking location of larry king jr of ohmaha nb call in John DeCamp to help investigate

  22. Hi Richard, Today’s news has confirmed that the gasoline cans were infact in the bags taken by C.S.I.They were in Casey’s abandoned car so that seems to be the connection..Well at least I’m not losing my mind I was beginning to wonder there for a minute..love your site!!

  23. These people are playing games.The mother knows what happened to Caylee.
    I’m a mother and Grandmother If she was my daughter I sure a hell make her tell me where the girl is.
    The whole family is playing along with this you can hear the way they talk on the phone,they know its taped but they talk in circles.
    I hope to God she is alive but why are the police letting this go on?
    The grandmother is just as nuts as her daughter.To beleive what she says ,you love you child but a time comes when a childs life is a stake.
    Prayers and best wishes for Caylee
    its a shame some people are allowed to have childern.

  24. I had heard that. I ended up working most of the day so managed to get a few alerts via email but that was about it.
    It certainly isn’t looking good for Caylee right now. Saturday is her third birthday. I still think she’s dead but am hoping anyway that she will be found.

  25. Formal Charges Filed Against Casey Anthony

    State Prosecutors have filed formal charges against Casey Anthony in the disappearance of her two-year-old daughter. More updates to follow at Shadowscope…

  26. The new story for today is the Sungrass apts.apparently the dates were mixed up once again and the apt. was seen by a so called Zanadin Gonzalez on june 15th,what I’m wondering is as far as I remember when I moved here every place you applied for an apt.took your drivers license and made a copy before allowing you to see the apt.There saying the hand writing is illegable but do they keep the photo copy in there files ? Guessing it was Casey applying under her “Alias” name maybe they should have the cadiver dogs in that complex looking for little Caylee’s unfortunately certain by now remains..

  27. Every time someone mentions Caylee’s body, I burst out into tears. There is something about this case that pulls at my heart. That precious child! If Casey didn’t want her, our family would have taken her. She is the age of my youngest grandchild. I have five and love everyone of them. I can’t imagine waiting 31 hours, much less days, without seeing them. I tell you that if this happened to us, we’d raise holy he77 until we saw our grandchildren. If every parent or grandparent felt like me, we’d all go to Florida and find that little girl. She sure is a cutie! Reminds me of my middle granddaughter. God, I hope Caylee is safe. I’d dance for joy if she is found.

  28. I watched Nancy Grace today who had Cindy Anthony on her show via phone. This grandmother is just as suspicious as Casey. Do they really believe Caylee is safe with this so called babysitter? I hope she is found. But honestly, if they knew where she was and are protecting Caylee’s safety, then is there a ransom from this kidnapper? This story is mking me sick.. Casey spare us all and tell us where Caylee is. All I know is that when she gets out of that jail whether Caylee is found or not, she has to answer to her family and friends, and America, even more importantly GOD.

  29. Brenda, was it Sungrass or Sawgrass? Rings a bell for some reason. I seem to remember reading something that sounds like what you are talking about.
    Hairydawg, heck yeah. I am the same way. I occasionally write about crime here but I don’t know what attracted me so much to this story. Actually now that I think about it I do. The first picture of Caylee that was published online where she is lying with her face in her hands bears a pretty close resemblance to my five year old daughter.
    Danielle, I saw some of it as well and then just finished listening to the audio a little while ago. After having listened to Cindy Anthony several times I am beginning to think that she just has her head stuck in the sand and like Natalee Holloway’s mother is just grasping at straws. I honestly don’t even think she’s crazy. I know if one of my children were missing there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get them back as soon as I could.

  30. Sorry Richard, It’s Sawgrass apts. If I remember correctly Casey’s Mother said they had an argument and wanted Casey to find her own place to live with Caylee. Calling her bluff Casey was trying to do just that.While she was doing this she probably left Caylee with anybody that would watch her to keep her from her Mother. Being as pissed as she was.Somewhere along the line either Caylee was taken, murdered or left alone somewhere by Casey so she could be with her boyfriend or out sexing it up for the camera and Caylee may have been fending for herself and the worst happened.This is probably why Casey keeps saying she’s close to home(dead) and in her mind can justify that it wasn’t her fault but an accident and more then likely blames her Mother and Her Mother is also blamimg herself for throwing them out in the first place.Just once I would like to hear a truth out of one of there mouths.

  31. Finally someone who actually states the like mother, like daughter, how can any family member play along with the girl. You would have to hold me back if my daughter was talking such BS. The family is just as much to blame, they need to step up to the plate and give their daughter hell. The girl loves the attention she is getting, and that allow shows she is a nut case!! She’s another Susan Smith. I am certain this girl is gone,….gone meaning dead….that’s common sense…her comments that she tells her dad, cayll is close by, what in the hell is that!!! If she is, then where you crazy woman. I owed pizza places for years, and I assure anyone, old pizza does not smell, it hardens up like a slab of contrete

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