Some UGLY Weather

Man we had some pretty bad weather come through the area Sunday morning. When I went to bed Saturday night I noticed that we were under a Tornado watch but the skies were pretty clear and it certainly wasn’t raining.
We signed for the Weather Channel’s call alert or something like that. Basically when threatening weather is coming your way the bald dude from the weather channel calls to let you know you might be fucked. At least his recording does, but I like to think they are making him get out of bed at 2AM just to call my ass…
So we started getting calls at around 2AM Sunday morning. What a coincidence. We got a total of three I think and it was a pretty rough storm. I didn’t get much sleep after that. We moved the girls downstairs to sleep on the living room floor in case me had to make a mad dash for the basement or anything. Surprisingly enough we only lost power briefly, for less than a minute. That’s lucky considering some of the folks in Bowdon still don’t have power. Bowdon is south of me. From what I’ve seen we didn’t get too much damage north of I-20 but there was quite a bit in Carrollton and Bowdon. Although two people died here in Georgia, nobody was killed in my area, thank goodness. At least six tornadoes went through the state but they don’t have a final number yet.
There are a ton of pictures in a couple of galleries at WSB TV’s web site if you want to check some of them out. There was quite a bit of damage to the Bowdon area. Two of my morning waitresses at the Temple store live there and luckily they were alright. I heard from one of the pretty early Sunday morning but the other couldn’t get to a phone until that afternoon so we were pretty worried about her.
All in all 24 people died throughout Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri and Alabama and we are still trying to get stuff cleaned up.

I understand that Macon was also hit pretty hard. A bunch of the upper management from my company went down there to work today. I guess since there were so many people without power they were very busy. My Area VP called the see if I could send anyone or go myself but I wasn’t able to get things staffed to get out of my stores or else I would have gone.