Do I really need a title?

Day off!

Woo hoo…

I actually get two days off in a row this week. Heck, that’s four days in four weeks. I’m not gonna know what to do with myself…

Actually I will probably be doing some cleaning of the house and yard tomorrow after hopefully sleeping in. Tmorrow, today, what the fuck ever.

I received in the mail that bottle of mead I ordered a few weeks back. I should have ordered more but I’ve been conserving money for the trip to Disney in two weeks.

I have drank most of the bottle and lightweight drunk that I am I have quite a nice buzz on.

I was going to save it for the party this weekend but decided to enjoy it myself because that’s what kind of guy I am. Joke you if you can’t take a fuck…


Oh yeah. The lovely wife and I will be married 20 years on May 28th. Normally we’d hit the ren fest the following weekend and maybe have a cookout and a party to celebrate, but we will be in Disney World that weekend and the 28th is on a workday for most people this year. NOT a good time to partake in your favorite drink.

Memorial Day weekend, the weekend prior to our Anniversary, is not a good time either. Lots of folks are out of town and I normally work very hard on holiday weekends because all of the jackasses need to get a waffle and eggs in their stomachs before they grill out. WTF?

So this Saturday is our celebration of 20 years of blissful joyful eventful marriage.

All of the above actually.

If you know me then you are invited. If not, well, perhaps you should send an email prior to showing up so that you don’t get skewered for being a dick head. There’s only room for one of us.

I had originally intended on spending the evening writing but I didn’t get home from work until ten and watched LOST until eleven, all the while enjoying this fine bottle of honey mead. Since there most likely won’t be any left by the time Saturday gets here you can find more at their web site.